Kingdom Technology Outreach, Inc (KTO) was founded in 2002 with an aim to offer quality, low-cost services to deserving non-profit organizations in need of technical education & technology services. KTO was established by people who have a passion for education and IT Consulting.  With the help of a few like-minded people, KTO was setup to assist a variety of faith-based, non-profit, and under-served organizations and gradually grew to become the center of learning it is today. 

Why Start KTO? 
It all started at Purdue University where the CEO & Founders majored in technology related fields.  For the past 15+ years, they developed IT skills in Corporate America working for a variety of industries in the Central Florida area.  From this wealth of knowledge & experience, Daytec Systems, Inc. (DSI) was formed as a one-stop shop IT Consulting company.

With the success of DSI, the owners started to notice a major trend. Many small & challenged non-profit organizations wanted to become more efficient by using technology, however, they didn’t have sufficient resources to make it happen.  As a result, they turned to companies like DSI for competitive pricing.  Unfortunately, while their budgets might have the budget to buy equipment, they don’t always have the funds to afford the education and training needed to implement a complete and thorough technology solution.  With this in mind, KTO was formed with a vision of providing integrated technology education & solutions to non-profit organizations across the country. 

Whether its educating others about what office computers to buy, helping them figure out how to get rid of viruses on their computer network, learning how to use desktop software, get a website presence online, or finding ways to efficiently share files between staff members, KTO has the expertise to educate and empower these organizations.  As a result, KTO becomes the vehicle for challenged non-profit organizations to better serve their own communities.

Vision & Mission
Our goal is to educate & connect our communities one organization at-a-time! KTO strives to assist and enable (small & challenged non-profit and/or faith-based) organizations world-wide by providing Information Technology tools, training, and resources that will help increase their efficiency and effectiveness in serving its surrounding community.

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